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Bozcaada Climate

Bozcaada Climate
Bu haber 18 January 2017 - 10:18 'de eklendi.

Bozcaada has a more unique climate. In fact, the island is Mediterranean climate effect.Nets are hot and dry, winters are warm and rainy. Due to the fact that it is at the exact exit of the Dardanelles, it is very windy in the winter and it makes us cooler by creating a refreshing atmosphere in summer. You will understand this better when you come to the island .. It is very hot from Anadaolu, it is very warm burning roasted voices. We are not affected by the temperatures. In addition, the wind is also an important influence on the vegetation, the vegetation of the open winds of the island can not occur. There are forest areas in the interior. You can enjoy the sun and the sea in a beautiful picnic under the smell of pine trees as you can enjoy the sun and sea .. On the one hand the sea view will leave the memorable island memories that will affect the green sea that the vineyards forming the most important area of ​​the island’s vegetation cover will affect you. It is determined that there are 437 species of plants belonging to 65 families in Ada according to a research done. According to Ayla, the average humidity does not fall below 70%. As a result, sudden drops in temperatures do not occur in daily life.

Bozcaada attracts visitors most in the spring and summer months. In September, it is another beautiful day. Because of the easy access to the sea in summer, many visitors come to the island. Most visitors come for weekend trips in the spring. We would advise you to check the Weather before you make your plan for the cancellation of the Ferry Routes on the days when Poyraz and Lodos are busy and before you depart.