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Bozcaada History

Bozcaada History
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It was called Lefkofris in Bozcaada in the early periods of history. We do not have much information about where this name comes from. Then the island was called Tenedos. This name comes from mythology. After the Roman period, the island was called Tenedos. The root of this name comes from Greek mythology. There is a story about Adan taking this name. The origin of the name of Bozcaada: It is not known how long it has begun to be called Bozcaada. But for the first time in the island, this name is believed to have been spoken by Turkish mariners. The history of Bozcaada as far as the Turks: It is believed to be the first settlers to Bozcaada. It is estimated that these are the Aka’s arm. The Aka migrated from Asia in 2000 BC. Northern Italy and Greece. Later on, new migrations took place in these regions. In Akka, they were scattered in different places than in the region, and some of them were also located in Bozcaada. In addition to being a warrior, the Aka are Pelazzi, a merchant community. They also went forward on the ship. On this account they started trading in the island. In this period, the Trojan war which took place in the history of Iliad, has come to the scene. It is said that this war began with the Aka attacking Trojan. In this battle, the Aka have resorted to the throne. And they hid their navy to the south of Bozcaada. What they do is cheated and they have won the battle with the successful attack afterwards. Later, migrations continued to the region and the dark age began in the island as it was in the whole region. After this period, it is known that the Phoenicians built colonies in the island and trade in this way. After that the island BC. In the years 750-550 the Greeks and the Athenians prevailed. We have very little information about this period. After the Athens-Persian wars, the island went through the Persian invasion. The Persians have done a great slaughter in the island. They have slaved all the people. These attitudes of the Persians gathered in 300 cities in 4777 BC and established Attika-Delos maritime union. Bozcaada has also participated in this alliance. The aim was to protect them from Persian attacks and stop them. On the other hand, With the peace of King signed in 386, the island was left Persians. B.C. In 334, Alexander’s eastern expedition began. In the meantime, the island passed by Alexander’s hand. Alexander died and his country was shared among his generals. As a result of this sharing, the island was left to General Lizimahos. After that, the region gradually began to become Roman domination. Bozcaada is a very brilliant period in Roman times. It is one of the most important port cities in the region. The tribes were destroyed by immigration in the island. The island, which remained independent for a while, then entered eastern Rome, ie the Byzantine administration. During the Byzantine period, a large warehouse was built on the island and all the wheat that came to Byzantine was hiding in the island. The island was used as a warehouse. In Bozcaada Byzantine administration, M.S. It was a quiet period until 670 BC. After 670, the Umayyad raids started in the region. In 672, Umayyad forces occupied İzmir. After that, the Umayyads encompassed Istanbul. During this siege, he was attacked in the island. The siege lasted until 678. Muaviye then made a deal with Byzantium. However, in the year 717 Istanbul was re-encircled by the Umayyad. This was the end of the siege in 718. After that, the crusades started. In the crusade of 1203, the Latins captured Istanbul. The result of this attack came to the Latin domination in Bozcaada on 24 June 1203. The island has also co-operated with the Venetians to control the Latin. Byzantine candidate 1214 has officially left the Latin. As a result of the 1258 Byzantine-Geno alliance, the island was once again dominated by the Genoese. After that, he established a colony on the island of Genoa. After this, for a long time the island has been struggling for domination between Byzantine-Venice-Genoa. From time to time all three states have dominated the island. On August 14, 1382, the city was besieged by Venetians. The people of Bozcaada were surrendered on April 18, 1383. Some of the people were expelled from the region. In this period they started to take care of the island and the Turks. Beginning to deal with the Turks Bozcaada and Turkish dominance in the island First contacts of the Turks with the island. It was in the beginning of the century. The famous denouncing Aydinoglu Umur Bey came to Bozcaada, which was subjected to Byzantine with eight ships in 1328 or 1329 after Fethettik, and plundered his place. In this way, XV. The Turks did not have contact with the island for centuries. XIV. Tenedos (Bozcaada) gained a special importance when the Ottoman Turks settled on both shores of the Bosphorus in the second half of the century. Despite being in the possession of the Byzantine Island, maritime states such as Venice and Genoese were competing for the possession of Bozcaada for the sake of their trade. After long negotiations between the Byzantine Emperor and the Venetian State, he received permission to invade Bozcaada with his consent (1377)

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