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Bozcaada Architecture

Bozcaada Architecture
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When we look at Bozcaada architecture in general, we come across traces of Turkish and Greek cultures.
Bozcaada Architecture Instead of the village center, which separates the town center into the Greek and Turkish neighborhoods, today Çınar Çarşı Caddesi is located. The island center now consists of two districts: Cumhuriyet (Greek) and Alaybey (Turkish). There are buildings bearing the traces belonging to the Turkish architecture in the Greek district in the Cumhuriyet district, Alaybey neighborhood. Bozcaada architecture
In Greek and Turkish architecture, although the building characteristics are similar in general, there are differences in function. The structure consists of pine and wooden carcass structures. In general, the lower layer is the land, the upper layer is the wood, and the land is the land.
There are basements of houses in the Greek Quarter. Kitchen, bathroom, laundry is located here. The windows are high and wide, usually shuttered. The upper floors are wooden, high windows, shuttered. The doors are again high, double wing and windows. Unlike Turkish houses, some houses have balconies. Many houses and Bozcaada Accomodations have high-walled buildings adjacent to the building called “the store”. These are places where wine production and conservation, as well as winter supplies, are stored.
The lower floors of the bozcaada architecture Turkish Side are slightly higher and narrower windows. This is why the lower storey is used as a “stony” place. In the courtyards of the houses there is usually a covered kitchen and laundry. There are domestic cabinets, gusülhaneler, wooden ceilings in the house. The toilet is avundar. Roofs are altarka tiled and hedgehog fringed. As a result of changing needs and innovations over time, there are few examples that can protect these features together today.
The streets in the Greek Neighborhood are narrow and intricate in the Turk Mahalles while the streets are generally in a wide and perpendicular structure called grid system.
The social and religious buildings of bozcaada architecture are distributed according to the neighborhoods. Buildings such as churches and small chapels are in the neighborhood of Alaybey in the Cumhuriyet Mahalles, which are specific to Turkish cultures such as mosques, baths, fountains and prayers.
The vineyards, located outside the center of Bozcaada, are structured in such a way that they will respond to the needs of people who used to stay in bondage during the summer. The rooms consist of kitchens and stables. Two storeys are called “towers” and single storeys are called “dams”. They are all made of stone. The vineyards can now be constructed with all the comforts of today. Apart from the renovated buildings that used to function, some of them are used as summer houses.

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