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Tenedos Geography

Tenedos Geography
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Tenedos is located to the north-east of the Aegean Sea, 12 nautical miles south of the Dardanelles Bosphorus. 25 nautical miles to Çanakkale Merkez district, 17 nautical miles to Gökçeada, 26 nautical miles to Limni Island, 27 nautical miles to Midilli Island, Anatolian transport to Çanakkale Ezine District, 4 km to Geyikli Freight Port. The periphery of Bozcaada en is 38 kilometers and its surface area is 36.67 square kilometers. When 17 small islets around the island are included, the total area is 37.6 square kilometers. The largest of the islets known as Rabbit Island and Mavriya Island is 800 acres.
Bozcaada is low in terms of the shape of the earth and the highest peak of Göztepenin is 192m. In the northern part of the peninsula, which is not very rich in terms of water resources, many streams in the winter are dry in summer. The various coves and noses are unique to the island. There are 12 coves and 12 noses in Bozcaada and long beaches in the northern part.
The climate of Bozcaada is under Mediterranean climate. Summers are cool and arid, winters are warm and low-rainy. The hot winds are also blowing as it is cool when it is hard. Because the wind is suitable to the power plant, wind power plant is established on the position where the polenta lantern is located. Although there is a wooded area in the interior, there are vineyards of great importance. Mediterranean vegetation maki and shrines are very visible. There are 437 species of plants belonging to 65 families.